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Forensic DNA

Anybody looking for information about forensic DNA will come across a number of related terms e.g. genetic fingerprinting, DNA testing, DNA typing, DNA profiling etc. The important thing to note is that all of these terms refer to techniques and scientific procedures that can be employed to differentiate between individuals; as such, DNA in a legal context is synonymous with forensic identification.

According to the Human Genome Project Information website, the forensic identification process involves forensic scientists scanning 13 DNA regions. Data extracted is then used to create an individual DNA profile (also known as a DNA fingerprint). The Human Genome Project Information website lists a number of DNA Uses for Forensic Identification, these include:

  • Identify potential suspects whose DNA may match evidence left at crime scenes
  • Exonerate persons wrongly accused of crimes
  • Identify crime and catastrophe victims
  • Establish paternity and other family relationships
  • Identify endangered and protected species
  • Detect bacteria and other organisms that may pollute air, water, soil, and food
  • Match organ donors with recipients in transplant programs
  • Determine pedigree for seed or livestock breeds
  • Authenticate consumables such as caviar and wine
  • We strongly recommend you pay a visit to the forensics section of the Human Genome Project Information website. In addition to the details outlined above, this excellent resource also includes information on how is DNA typing is done, some of the DNA technologies used in forensic investigations, ethical, legal, and social issues associated with DNA Databanking. There is also a comprehensive DNA forensics links section.

    Visit The Forensics Section of the Human Genome Project Website

    DNA Information Pages

    For clear and concise DNA related descriptions simply click on the links below.

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    DNA Analysis

    DNA Testing

    STR Analysis

    The Forensic DNA Expert in Focus

    See following link to find out more about our forensic DNA expert in focus Dr. Dean Hildebrand, Program Head of British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Centre for Forensic and Security Technology Studies.

    Forensic DNA Analyst in Focus

    Forensic-DNA Degree Programs

    See following link to check out a selection of schools, colleges and Universtites that offer forensic-DNA related degree programs and training.

    Forensic-DNA Degree Directory

    Forensic-DNA in The Real World

    This section will showcase the most interesting forensic-DNA related news and articles. For full details simply click on the links below.

    Forensic-DNA Evidence

    Essential Reading

    Forensic-DNA Typing, Second Edition: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers By John M. Butler

    Editorial Review

    An exceptionally comprehensive reference, touching on every relevant aspect of current forensic-DNA typing practice...will serve many practitioners and students of forensic-DNA typing as a single source reference...It is hard to think of a topic in forensic-DNA typing that is not treated in the book...A final point is that the book is a phenomenal bargain in this day and age at around $80 a copy. (Journal of Forensic Sciences)

    See following link for more details:

    Forensic DNA Typing, Second Edition: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers

    UK Visitors Click Here

    Forensic-DNA Links

    Access a range of quality forensic-DNA related websites via the following link.

    Quality Links

    DNA Pictures

    High quality DNA pictures that you can use for free in your science projects, presentations, lectures, teaching materials etc. You can access the pictures via the following link.

    DNA Pictures

    Read FBI Profiling Classics on Kindle

    This special Kindle collection consists primarily of the landmark articles written by members of the Behavioral Science Units, National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, at the FBI Academy. These seminal publications in the history of FBI profiling were released by the U.S. Department of Justice as part of the information on serial killers provided by the FBI's Training Division.

    See following link for full details.

    Information on Serial Killers

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