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Forensic Animation

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What is Forensic Animation?

Forensic-animation refers to the use of audio-visual simulations within a legal context. Most commonly in the form of computer generated 3D graphics, applications of forensic-animation include virtual recreations of accidents and crime scenes.

Writing for expert law, Stuart Gold notes that there are in fact, two types of forensic-animation, namely; descriptive forensic- animation and scientific forensic-animation. "Descriptive forensic-animation illustrates the testimony of the expert. Scientific forensic-animation takes actual dynamics and physics into account by the program itself."

Gold also makes the point that "Unlike animation created for the entertainment industry, the forensic process depends on the collaboration between the animator and a designated expert. It is often used to show something that couldn't be visualized in any other way."

Forensic-Animation Video

Short video highlighting the various uses of forensic-animation.

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