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Photo Credit: The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Photo Credit: The Federal Bureau of Investigation

My daughter is in a High School Forensic class and has the following question from which we can not find a logical answer in her text book. The question is, "A mass grave is found: What can you tell about the remains?

a. Jaw Angle = 105 degrees
b. Sub Pubic Area = 80 degrees
c. Left Femur = 49cm
d. Right Femur = 49.1cm
e. Left Femur = 45.5cm
f. Right Femur = 45.3cm
g. Left Femur = 48cm
h. Skull: one partial skull found with retangular orbits.

a, b, and h we have the answers for, but c - g is rather vague and is not well explained in her book "Forensic Science, Fundamentals & Investigations" by Anthony J. Bertino. Chapter 13.

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