Switching To Forensic Science

by Stacy

Hi! I would be grateful if someone could answer my questions for me. This is my story: I'm currently about to enter a local polytechnic in Singapore for a diploma in Nursing which was least expected that I was posted there after my O Levels.

Worst of all, changing the course was slightly impossible since my O Level points were higher than the course's cut off point that I wanted.

So I was wondering, whether after completing the 3 year Nursing Course, can I change to studying a degree in forensic science? I understand that there is a degree in Forensic Nursing, however I'm only interested in Forensic Pathology.

Is there any possible way for me to change my career studies? For example, if I were to apply for a degree in an overseas university in forensic Pathology? Would it be possible?

I hope someone will answer my questions as not many people here can answer them. Many grateful thank you(s).

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