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Jan 31, 2010
by: Forensics_Girl

Hi there

I know of a few investigation degrees

A number of straight Forensic Science course contain an element of Crime Scene invetigation, and some (such as Staffordshire University) have their own crime scene houses, which are used for this purposes, although they tend to be more based on the biology and chemistry surrounding Forensic Science.

Look at the course above and try UCAS where you can look at thousands of courses in depth.

Good Luck

Jan 08, 2010
go for it !

Hi there ! So you want to be a CSI ? Great ! I am a Forensic Serologist and I have a website called

If you want to be an evidence technicican a degree in any physical science and some forensic courses would be helpfull. If you want to specalize in fingerprints, DNA/serology, toxicology, questioned documents, or other specalities, you will need some special courses.

Some jurisdictions use thier lab scientists at the crime scenes, most have just evidence techs ( which make less money and need less education). It all depends where you will work and if you want to be in the lab or at the crime scene...

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