Water Body Recovery

by Kris Hollenback

My name is kris and I am a firefighter in st.petersburg. I am a diver on the departments dive team and from time to time it is my job to recover a body from the water during body recovery operations.

The difficulty in this type of job is predicting the location of a victim before the diver goes into the water.

Having an idea how a body is effected by the waters current or salinity may make it possible to forecast a victims location. The use of a cadaver under monitered realistic conditions may make it to possible to build sometype of forecasting formula or method to make the recovery of those lost underwater a faster and more precise operation.

I have been a certified diver for 21 years and a firefighter for 17 years and a diveteam member for 8 years with first hand experience recovering bodies. If this sounds like something anybody may like to work on let me know if you need a diver.you can call me
at 727 320 5868 thanks kris.

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