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Jun 01, 2010
forensic chemistry
by: Aparajita

I am really grateful for your efforts in providing me with an answer, Marcella.

My answer to Dr.AlRazi is that my specific branch is forensic toxicology.

May 29, 2010
Topic too broad
by: Dr. AlRazi

It seems to me your topic is a little broad, no a lot broad. When you say chemicals used in forensics, do you mean chemicals used by forensic scientists in the performance of their duties (testing) or do you mean the wide, expansive field of forensics which incidentally every scientific field. You have to narrow it down to chemicals used in forensic laboratory or the use of chemicals in a specific field of endeavor such as the chemicals used in the clean-up of oil spills or chemicals used by clandestine laboratories to make illicit drugs.

May 24, 2010
by: Marcella

Hi there. I am a forensic Serologist. I use chemical testing every day. One example is body fluid presumptive testing. I use a chemical known as ortho-tolidine and hydrogen peroxide as a two-step process to screen for possible blood. From there it can be comfirmed via hemoglobin or DNA.

Does this help ?


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