Time of Death

by Josephine

I need to know how long my Mom had been dead before she was found. I had seen my Mom on Friday night - May 9th, 2008. I left her home at 10:25 p.m. the same evening. Mom was found on Monday morning on her bed and was pronounced dead by the Medical Examiner.

I don't want to sound cruel because I love my Mom dearly but it is very important for me to know her last day on earth.

My sisters are saying that we should consider Monday morning as the date of the death. I personally think it was Saturday.

Is there anyway you can help me determine the day of Mom's passing. It is very important to me - because I just don't want to "put a date on her passing". I would like to know as close as I possibly can.

There was no rigor when Mom had been found. Her body was relaxed. To me, and correct me if I am wrong but rigor starts soon after 8 hours after the passing. I am uncertain how long it actually remains but I have heard that it takes just as long to come out of the body. Every thing to me points as if it were the day after I was visiting her - Saturday.

Hope you can help.

Thank you.

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