Time of Death Question

(Winnipeg, Canada)

Photo Credit: Doblonaut

Photo Credit: Doblonaut

My friend won't celebrate his birthday because his dad died on that day. He says he found him the next day. Police say he had been dead approx. 8-12 hrs. April here, is not hot by any means but spring is in the air.

Windows weren't open,so he had to force the door open because of where his dad had fallen. Question is...he said he had to clean up after, and the smell was pretty bad. He had to remove the carpet,remove wallpaper etc. I, don't think he would have decomposed that fast! He wasn't the cold type who would have had the heat turned up, mind you, it was a very small house.

For me, the time line seems to be a bit short but then I'm just an armchair C.S.I. What else should I factor in? The father was a clean person oh,I almost forgot, his father was in rigamortis when he first found him and before he called the police, and thats what nags me. Cause of death...heart attack.

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