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Nov 10, 2010
Masters in forensics science
by: sammy

Hi guys,

Great site we have here.I did my undergraduate degree in IT from Jomo Kenyatta university kenya.
Am really interested in persuing a masters in Forensic science abroad.

What are some of the best universities that offer this? Are there any financial aids/scholarships available?

Any info will be highly appreciated.

Mar 18, 2010
Forensic Scholarship
by: sophia

I was so happy to read about my fellow citizens who are interested in forensic science. I am a finalist in biochemistry and molecular biology and will be extremely happy if I just get connection on how to get a masters in forensic science so that my dream can become true.

There are so many Kenyans especially in rural areas who need application of these sciences.

Nov 17, 2009
Read from the right page
by: Forensic Pioneer KU

Am so shocked to learn that you did not know studying forensic science in kenya is now a reality.

Stop the rush about going to foreign countries to study this course while you can study it here in Kenya and develop it as you want it. Forensic science is not about how well the lab are developed but how well you can see what an average person cannot see.

I am studying forensic science and you can learn more from us (forensic science pioneers) @ facebook groups or check out the ku site.

All the best.

Concerned scientist.

Nov 08, 2009
Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I am a Kenyan student currently finishing my undergraduate double degree in Biology and Chemistry with a forensic science concentration in the U.S. I have worked with my aunt who is a lecture at K.U and we now have a forensic curriculum being taught.

Useful tips make sure that you take an undergraduate degree in the sciences especially biology and Chemistry, you will be more competitive and better equipped. Stay away from the 'forensic science' diplomas that have no bio or chem background. You will not be equipped to understand what happens in the lab. I have worked in a forensic lab and they train you from scratch so you will not be disadvantaged if you haven't completed a 'forensic science' degree.

Definitely get all your info from, they is also of misleading info out there so be wary.

Jun 24, 2009
by: Sylvia

I thought i was the only one of my kind who would like to a masters in Forensics yet currently an undergraduate Biochemistry student in Kenya.Guess great minds think alike.

However i wish Forensics would be taken more seriously in Kenya. Furthermore, its development be improved. With Forensics, loads of cases that are left hanging, or have never been solved could be dealt with effectively.

If there is someone out there who has been lucky to achieve the dream i and others wish to achieve please help us.We'd really appreciate.
My email address is

Mar 23, 2009
Studying Forensic Science in A Foreign Country
by: Hannah

Am so shocked to stumble on this i study the same and intend to master on the same!!! You are like my education twin or something.... Am thinking of doing my masters in kings college london and i am originally from kenya...hope that goes well for you....

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