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May 28, 2009
false accusation
by: Anonymous

I was reading that the Red Bull Cola has been banned in Germany for containing cocaine or its matabolite benzoylecgonine. My problem is that I have been drinking it every day 2 to 4 cans per day for the last month. I have been drinking quite a bit because I have severe cluster headaches and the caffeine helps reduce the severity of the headache. Well I tested positive on a drug screen for cocaine and I know that is the only thing that would have caused it. I see that 1 can contain 0.13ug or 130ng per can and 0.4ug or 400ng per liter. Can you please help me find out who were the testing laboratory and a way of contacting them? I am a Police Officer and I?m also in the Military Reserves for 22 years, which I stand to loose every thing if I cannot prove that this beverage was the cause of my positive drug test. I do take benicar hct 40/25 and viagra but they don't cause positive results can u tell me if there is a way to calculate how much BE would be in a single 12 oz can given 1 can contains 130ng of cocaine. Was not given any test results guessing gc/ms was between 400-500ng. At least I was told 3 times he gc/ms cutoff. I also assisted narcotic officers 9 days before the test in which cocaine and crack were removed from the home, I was inside the home but I did not handle any of the drugs. But I did take two suspects to jail.

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