I Want To Be A Forensic Scientist: My Passion and Love For This Career

by Abner D. Makhubela
(South Africa)

Photo Credit: Jeanette Yen

Photo Credit: Jeanette Yen

I want to be a forensic scientist and my hope for what I write is that it may express my passion and love for this career. I hope that it will enlighten you of my existence, my desire to think like the great minds in forensic science and my potential to be a great criminalist.

I am currently 22 years and living and working in South Africa as a client liaison officer but in my mind I walk everyday as a crime scene investigator, dissecting DNA from epidermal tissue found on a pillow case, analyzing tred tracks, sketching crime scene dialogues, trying to find clues to determine criminal motive, comparing fibers and glass fragments.

I find myself carry a mini-torch and clear tape in my daily life and asking myself questions like how did a coffee ring get on my table when I don’t drink coffee. Without a doubt I am a natural at this, with a sharp critical mind, a strong urge to want to understand the criminal psyche (which is a little odd I admit) and my ability to see more then what is put before you. I find the entire field fascinating in all its disciplines – crime scene investigation, laboratory scientist, anthropology and even medical examiner. I want to know everything and do this until I am the best.

My family is not well-off and life has not been particularly kind to me but you will excuse my ambition because I know I will study forensics and graduate with top honors despite the challenges I face. I am willing to prove my worth to any University or institution that will take me; I will be a janitor to pay my tuition if I have to. South Africa has only just started to realize the importance of forensic investigators and scientists and my patience grows thin waiting for their opportunities to materialize.

I am eager to learn and practice, eager to grow my mind and though this letter lacks the structure of a perfect essay with inspirationally big words and constant demonstrations of my divine intellect I merely want to convey that what I lack in finance and schooling I make up for ten folds in dedication, intelligence and enthusiasm. All I need is an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and let my performance speak for me - any opportunity to get into the field. I am willing to take any course or exam to prove my suitability for this career. You may send me crime scene, biology or chemistry tests to have me demonstrate my skills if you would like.

I hold no expectations so any reply, information and advice would be highly appreciated. I thank you for reading this letter.

Abner D. Makhubela
Tel: +27 12 319 7634/7678/7564
Fax: 086 511 7248
E-mail: abnerm@daff.gov.za

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