Head Trauma and Bleeding

Photo Credit: Abhishek  Jacob

Photo Credit: Abhishek Jacob

My co-worker tells of an "odd" story.

A man died of traumatic head injuries after falling some distance onto boulders many years ago (when she was a child in Russia).

She claims that he was "bleeding" from the injury site during the funeral three days later, which led the family to believe that something fishy was afoot, ie. a bloody spot was noticed on the pillow under the head of the deceased during the wake.

I maintain that after the blood congeals, depending on temperature, etc, everything reliquifies and that it probably wasn't so odd, considering that the body had not been embalmed, and the injury was at the back of the head where such fluids would naturally pool.

Any comments from those of you who obviously know much more about these things than we do?

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