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Dec 22, 2008
glove prints
by: d.m.padhy

In India, we do read about 'glove prints' in a scene of crime and were told that they can be compared with the glove, if traced / recovered from a suspect. Prints can be rolled by the operator after putting on the glove on his hand. But it is only academic and hardly any glove print developed at the scene of crime.

The conception of the idea, the effort put in ( initially many might have laughed under their sleeves while praising to the face profusely) and the result obtained, all are realy prais- worhy.

Dec 07, 2008
Further to my last..
by: David Goodwin


In a UK paper within the last few days is an article on glove marks, it can be found here:

hope this helps

Dec 06, 2008
Your right
by: David Goodwin

For the vast majority of manufactured gloves you can use the same techniques as the latent print examination, the only main difference is you are reliant on moisture or contaminates being placed onto the glove immediately before deposition, as gloves do not produce sweat like a hand.

Gloves have their own 'fingerprint' (I can't believe I just wrote that) in that small microscopic flaws that were caused in the manufacturing process (a broken honeycomb pattern on a kitchen rubber glove) or a tear on a wollen glove will assist in the identification, but you need to find the glove with a man (or woman) attached at the time of offence to prove ownership, otherwise they will say they found the glove.

It is an area of investigation that is currently under review in the UK, not many Police forces undertake such work as it is very time consuming. It is good however for linking crimes, in the cance that other types of evidence can be found at these other scenes to make a bigger, better picture of the offender.

Hope this helps

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