Formaldahyde Exposure

by Sherry
(United States)

I am trying to find information about formaldahyde exposure and testing of the blood or urine for such exposure. My daughter has been sick for 3 months and we have narrowed it down to the celing fan or the light switch in her room is overheating and outgassing formaldehyde from the plastic in the fixtures so when she is in her room all night closed up with these fumes it makes her ill.

She started having seizure like episodes July 26th and now confusion, memory loss, fatigue, vomiting. We have been taking her to the Dr. non stop and have been to specialist who have not been able to find a cause for this. They thought it was epilepsy but her test were normal.

I happened to be looking online for a cause to this "fishy" smell in her room that comes and goes and found that it could be the fixture overheating and outgassing fomaldeheyde which is in the plastics so I read side effects of formaldehyde exposure and saw that it can cause the symptoms my daughter has been having.

So I'm trying to get to the bottom of this and see if it is actually exposure to formaldehyde but my local health department and doctors office and the lab they use has no blood, or urine test for this type of exposure. I called a local enviromental testing company who are going to come test her room air quality and he said I should talk to a forensic toxicologist to get on the right path of finding out who performs these type of test.

Any advice or direction on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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