Forensic Toxicologist Questions

by Katelyn Cooper

I am doing a career research paper on forensic toxicology and wanted to ask a forensic toxicologist the required ten questions for my project.

1. Please describe a typical day in your career.

2. What level of college education or training did you recieve in order to get this job?

3. Which personalities work best in your career?

4. What is the average salary and benefits available?

5. Can you please explain the working environment?

6. What are the pros and cons of this job?

7. What is the job outlook currently like?

8. Please name any related jobs you can think of.

9. What are the opportunities for promotion?

10. Name some professional organizations associated with this career.

Thanks you so much to whoever replies! If you can reply by 10/29, you will have saved my paper!

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