Forensic Scientist Job Description

by K. Scarbrough

Photo Credit:  The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Photo Credit: The Federal Bureau of Investigation

I'm doing a school project on forensic science and I'd like to find the answers to the following questions on being a forensic scientist.

1. What are the physical demands of being a forensic scientist?

2. What is your environment like in your lab?

3. What is the stress level of your job?

4. Is traveling required and if so how much and what for?

5. Is additional training needed once you become a forensic scientist. If so, what kind and how much?

6. Are there promotions and rasies?

7. Where can you get a job in this career (facility or company)?

8. Are there forensic scientist jobs available right now? Where?

9.How is the economy affected this career?

10. Will a forensic science career be around in say 10 years?

Thank you for your time and sorry for so many questions.

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