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Feb 16, 2011
What kind of courses do I need to take up?
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for courses and I'm interested in criminal behavior like forensic psychology. Where can I study this in the Philippines?

Jan 16, 2010
Re: Forensic Science in the Philippines
by: DJ Toxique

As of now, the only program related to Forensic Science that exist in the Philippines is the Criminology Program offered by the Philippine College of Criminology. However, the curriculum is geared toward becoming a police officer rather than emphasizing on the applied science aspect of the Forensic Sciences.

I am currently a graduate student of Pharmacology from the Univ of the Philippines at Manila and have been interested as well with Forensic Toxicology. Unfortunately, we do not have such programs at this time and for this reason I would like to pursue a graduate degree in the USA.

We do have some 3 individuals who have undergone training in Forensic Pathology in the USA. This training requires a medical degree.

If you are interested in obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Forensic Science, I would recommend you apply for admission in some universities in the US. For graduate degree programs, the AAFS website has a list of universities.

I hope this information helps.

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