Forensic Science Career Advice

by Sarah Ballad

I am in year 9 and want to pick GCSE options. What should I pick to be a forensic scientist? please help.

All About Forensic Science Reply

Hi Sarah

The following information is taken from the Forensic Science Service website:

"To become an assistant forensic scientist you will need four GCSEs grades A-C which must include English and either maths or a science as well as an 'A' level in a scientific subject (biology or chemistry). You would receive on-the-job training, but would be expected to demonstrate a knowledge of biology or chemistry techniques and practices. To progress or to apply to become a forensic scientist you will need a scientific degree at 2.2 or above."

Make sure you check out the Forensic Science Service website. The above information is taken from an excellent Forensic careers FAQs page which also has advice on forensic training, work experience, etc. You can access the Forensic Science Service website via our forensic careers page.

This page also has lots of information and advice for anybody considering a forensic career in the USA.

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