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May 09, 2008
Physical Evidence.
by: Glenn Wilcher Forensic technician

I am not experienced in this area of physical evidence but as trace evidence I assume individual characteristics would be if fingerprint experts are able to obtain prints from the document and the document examiners are able to obtain characteristics relating to handwriting that would be individual characteristics.

The paper itself may be classified as class characteristic with physical evidence itself as it maybe a common type of paper e.g photocopy paper. The type printing on the shredded paper a document examiner may be able to determine the identification of a specific typewriter or printer if there is a mechanical match to some defect in the printer or typewriter especially if an old fashioned manual typewriter.

Chemical testing of the paper and the print using some form of chromatography may provide evidence with respect to inks used to print the material.

There is a vast amount of information on types of physical evidence on the internet if you Google it.

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