Forensic Photography

by Hurt and betrayed by a friend.
(New York)

A person I was close with and trusted is a photographer. He asked me many times to be photographed by him but I refused. I was close with him but not that close, and I am one of those people who doesn't like others having photographs of me.

After a while, he started to ask me to just pose for him without being photographed because he was getting models in that day and it would save him time deciding what poses he wanted to tryout. There weren't any cameras visible and I even asked him "are there any cameras on me I can't see" he told me "No".

After three years our friendship came to an end. Approximately 7 months later pictures from those instances began to appear on a web site. To protect myself and my case I cannot go into much detail about this site. These pictures I never posed for. Some of these pictures have identifying marks that I have, such as beauty marks, one scar, and my eyes.

I have done my own kind of forensic photography by having pictures taken of myself in the same exact poses and then comparing these pictures with the ones on the website in question. The marks the model in the picture has are the same marks on my body. She has the same body frame and I recently photographed my eyes and compared it to the eyes of the model and there is one clear picture where my eye is identical to the visible eye on the model.

I know it is the body marks that matter the most and that is where my proof really lies and I am living proof of these marks. He covered many of my beauty marks, I have many, but there are still some visible and they are in the exact same places I have my marks. He must have thought the thigh scar was not visible in the picture but when you enlarge it you can clearly see the same square-ish little scar on the models body as I have in the same place that I got when I was a little girl.

Is there a way to make these marks more visible via Photoshop? Is there a way to revel some of the beauty marks in the photographs that he did cover up?

How can I prove even more these pictures are me, are there any kind forensic photographers who would be willing to test these pictures for me? I live in New York. I am literally broke right now due to returning to college but if I gained anything from a law suit which I know I have cause for I would reward anyone who helped me graciously.

Or can I do these tests myself? Are there any tests anyone knows of where I can prove length of arms, size of hands. I am a tall woman, almost 5" 10, not many women have the length of my arms etc.

Are there any more comparisons I can make via adobe Photoshop to help prove my case. I have Adobe Photoshop 7.

I need to act fast because I already know about some of the photographs for over a year and the others I just discovered a few months ago. I can?t wait any longer due to statue of limitations, I just can't find any help.

I cannot find any lawyers to help because I don't have 200 dollars an hour to give them. I am doing everything on my own. I work full time and go to college, I have been trying to get this ready for court but only have the comparison pictures. I know these pictures are me. It would be great if I can go into court with more professional proof.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and a chance for me to request any help. Thank you.

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