Forensic Investigation

by Janice

A young man is being accused of a murder. However, he states that he went to the victim's home, and they (him and the victim) had sex late Sunday night, he left early the next morning to go to work. Later that evening they were in contact with each by cell phone.

The last time he talked to her was around 11 pm that night. The next two days he kept calling her and she never answered the phone. He finally goes over to her home rings the doorbell and never got an answer. He goes home, because his cell phone went off that morning to contact her sister because she had a key to her home. Long story short, she was found murdered, so he is being held for the crime. He has been there for over 18 months and they are still looking for evidence to link him to the crime.

If they had sex on Sunday night, and she was supposedly murdered somewhere 24 hours + after he last saw her, then is it possible to know how long the semen was there. Please note, she put up a big fight, and there is dna under her nails. It was stated that the individual is all scratched and cut up. The suspect that they are holding has no scratches, no cuts, no nothing! It's bizarre!

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