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by Anne

Photo Credit: Mai Le

Photo Credit: Mai Le

I'm writing a screenplay and I'm looking for forensic experts in cold cases for general information about a dead young pregnant woman who has been buried for about 20 years and excavated in a non intentional matter.

This character was 19/20 years old at the time she was killed. Would anybody be able to help me to get some answers please?

These are my questions:

Would it be possible to know she was 3 months pregnant at the time she was murdered (1990) and how?

How long would it take (average) to find her identity and how she had been killed?

The difficulties first time to get the age of the skeleton, depending on its condition (could it be seen first time, as an archaeological case?)

What could make the identification difficult, in terms of forensic inquest?

How would you know she has been murdered by another female?

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