Forensic Biology: Training or Graduate School

by Kendra

I have a BA in Biology. I have been taking some time off after graduating to plot my course. I was wondering is it better to go into a training program for forensic biology or get a graduate degree in forensic biology first?

Forensic Biology Information From The Department of Forensic Science (

Examiners in the Forensic Biology Section routinely examine items of evidence for the presence of biological material. After the proper samples for comparison purposes are obtained, DNA analysis can be conducted on these stains, and conclusions can be drawn as to whether an individual can be eliminated or included as a possible contributor to the genetic material identified.

In cases in which a suspect has not yet been identified or an identified suspect has been eliminated, the DNA profile obtained from the evidence can be entered in the DNA Data Bank for possible matches to convicted offenders, arrestees, and/or other crime scene samples.

Our primary duties are to:

  • Examine physical evidence for the presence of biological material.

  • Conduct DNA analysis.

  • Provide DNA analysis to state law enforcement officers (first state agency in the country to do so).

  • Compare DNA from unsolved cases to a computerized database of DNA profiles from convicted offenders, arrestees, and other crime scene samples to provide possible investigative leads to law enforcement officers.
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