Fingerprint Pattern

Hi. I need help please, enclosed are two fingerprints, there are 7 long lines (or cuts?) on the left thumb print, and there are none on the right thumb. The right thumb was printed on 13 Nov 2004. The left thumb was printed on 28 Jan 2006. Here are my questions:

1) Are those lines on the left thumb print caused by the occupation of the owner?

2) If so, how long would it take to develop such lines? Within few months or few years?

3) What kind of occupation that could cause those long lines?

4) Is it normal for a person to have many lines on just one thumb and no lines on the other?

5) The owner of the left thumb fingerprint is right handed person. Should there be more lines on her right thumb than her left thumb?

6) From many lines on the left thumb and "no line" on the right thumb. Can we conclude that the two fingerprints do not belong to the same person?

7) Could anybody give suggestions for books or papers concerning relationship between occupation and fingerprint?

I am really grateful for any suggestiona and thank you in advance for your help.


Editor's Note

Hi Ben

You only sent the image of the left thumb print. If you send the other print I´ll add it to this page.

We have a forensic science e-book collection on the website which includes a book on fingerprint identification that was originally published by the Criminal Justice Information Services. You can download this publication for free via the following link.

Fingerprint Identification

Hope this helps.

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