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Dec 06, 2008
In short... No
by: David Goodwin

Whorls, twinned loops and other variations of the two will, in the main, have different counts from either delta to the core of the print.
If the count is the same then that is just a coincidence.
You will notice that whorls and Twinned loops have a tendancy to fall into one of three categories, based on a thing called ridge tracing, that being if you follow the bottom of the left hand delta and work your way to the right hand delta, dropping down a ridge if it ends and it falls inside the right hand delta by more than 3 ridges it is called an INNER tracing, if it falls outside the right hand ridge by more than 3 ridges it is called an OUTER tracing, and if it falls between the two it is called a MEETING tracing.

Hope this helps

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