Decomposition Timeline

by Robyn
(Meade County, KY)

I am a newspaper journalist attempting to assemble a graphic informational timeline for two bodies just discovered in a car. IE: what type of decomposition and processes occured at three days? Two weeks? Etc.

The men were last seen alive Nov. 30 and the initial speculation is toward a combinatoin of drugs, alcohol and carbon monoxide poisoning. (The vehicle was stuck, there was a hole in the floorboard, the key was turned on,and the exhaust was mangled underneath, in a remote wooded area)...

The temperature history for this area (Fort Knox, KY) and time period is available at:

It has been very difficult to find any information that would take into account these specific conditions quickly for a March 14 deadline.

I understand it is nearly impossible not knowing the time of death and the wide variances in temperature conditions, but any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated, and you would of course receive attribution.

Thank you, Robyn

PS - also welcome would be any other interesting forensic information that might pertain to this situation.

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