Death From Hypothermia

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: slworking2

Photo Credit: slworking2

How long would it take someone to die of hypothermia if they were trapped in a walk-in freezer?

Related Information on Hypothermia (Source: Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources)

Hypothermia is a condition where your body core temperature is too low to sustain your health. Hypothermia is a process of body heat loss, and sometimes a rapid one, that progressively debilitates your physical and mental abilities. Any temperature less than 98.6 degrees could cause it, but usually it occurs at temperatures that we consider "cold" (50 degrees F and less).

Most cases of hypothermia tend occur at temperatures from 30 degrees F to 50 degrees F. However, environmental and physical conditions such as wet, wind, and exhaustion can cause hypothermia at higher temperatures and aggravate the severity of the condition at lower temperatures. Hypothermia can range from a level of discomfort to death and should never be ignored.

Prevention is doubly important since hypothermia can quickly start to affect your brain's capacity to think straight. When heat loss threatens your body temperature's equilibrium, your body's demand to protect its vital core can result in as much as a 99% decrease in blood flow to the toes and fingers. Ultimately, your body will decide to shut your brain down to a state of unconsciousness in order to keep vital heart functions.

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