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Jan 02, 2009
by: Angela

I study Forensic Science and CSI isn't how it really works, if I were you i would research what you want to do before you waste your time pursuing a career that your not going to be happy doing

Oct 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

Most of the scenes on CSI aren't as interesting as they seem. I've read up on the actual jobs that crime scene investigators do and they are very tedious jobs and most people who pursue the career are burnouts within 10 years. I still want to pursue the career because its very interesting to me, but I was just telling you what I have researched.

Oct 20, 2008
The CSI Effect
by: David

Hi Amanda

There are a couple of CSI related pages on the website that will help you separate fact from fiction (see following links)

CSI Effect

Crime Scene Investigation Degree

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