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May 05, 2008
Criminalistics Information
by: David

Hi Kerry

There's a very good chance you will end up working in a lab. The following information is from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences:

"Using analytical skill and practical experience, the criminalist separates important evidence from that having little or no value. Next, the criminalist sorts, compares, and identifies the evidence, using chemicals and instruments, developing useful information for an investigation or trial. He/she may find, for example, that a bullet has been fired from a particular gun, the blood in the suspect's car is from the victim, or that a fragment of plastic from the scene of a hit-and-run accident has broken off a particular car. These types of analyses are difficult; they require an eye for detail, a broad practical scientific background, and the ability to apply these skills in the laboratory."

For more information on criminalistics check out the following link:


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