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Aug 16, 2010

The type of sap would be a class, consistent with the type of tree exuding the substance. While the class characterstic alone may not be sufficient to specifically identify the tree from which it came, I agree with previous posters who suggest a chemical or DNA analysis could be conducted to identify individual charactersitics.
So, depending on the circumstances, sap could be both class and individual evidence.

Nov 28, 2008
by: Anonymous

The DNA profiling or the protein sequencing from the sap of tree and that of exhibit found on body can be compared for their individual profiles and we can look in to it whether the sap belongs to the same tree or not.. moreover various circumstantial evidences, eyewitnesses, position of the body at the soc or injury marks on body can add to confirm the type of death, and individualize whether the sap belongs to the same tree or not..

Nov 21, 2008
Look at the DNA
by: WFR

Plant sap would only be a class characteristic. At most it would identify the variety of plant. If there were plant cells containing DNA in the sap the source of the sap might be narrowed down to further. I don't know enough about plant genetics to be able to say that the sap could be traced to a particular tree. There was an Arizona murder case that hinged on DNA from seed pods of a palo verde tree.

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