Body Farm

by Kelly

Hi. I'm a freelance writer, and am currently writing an article regarding alternatives to traditional funerals and would very much like to include a paragraph on how donating bodies helps forensic scientists and why it's a good thing to do.

Ideally, I'd like to speak to a member of the 'Body Farm' to get some background and quote to go in the article.

I have specific questions such as:

What kind of people donate their bodies to science?

What happens from a real perspective? I'm interested in the details - i.e how does the body get moved from wherever it is to the body farm?

Does the family receive anything in return (even a letter of thanks or whatever)?

What kind of benefits are forensic scientists getting from it?

What have been the tangible benefits so far?

What are the likely benefits in future?

If I could get a response in the next few days, that would be great.

Many thanks


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