Attending Forensic Science Conferences

by David

If you get the chance to attend a forensic conference make sure you take the opportunity to do so. The first conference I attended was the American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual meeting held in Seattle in 2001 and the whole experience was amazing.

I presented a paper at the conference and I can honestly say that I have never been so terrified, but everybody was incredibly supportive, and when I presented a paper the following year at the conference in Atlanta it was much less intimidating now I knew what to expect.

Even if you don't present, you'll be exposed to the latest research in the field and there's a great chance you'll make some very useful contacts. Most conferences have a student section and offer greatly reduced fees for students.

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences will be holding it's latest annual meeting in Washington this February. You can get full details of the conference, which includes some helpful hints and tips for first-time attendees by visiting the conference website.

AAFS Conference Website

Got a conference story? (best conference attended, presentation tips etc). Please feel free to write your own page on the topic using the Forensic Science 2.0 submission form.

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