7 Excellent Social Networking Sites For Scientists

by Thomas Rheinecker

Photo Credit: Beck Tench

Photo Credit: Beck Tench

Social networking sites are the 'in' thing these days. It's a convenient way for people to keep in touch with anyone. On these sites, you can network and meet new people with similar interests, and you can do so with those who live in your area and with those who live halfway across the world.

You can keep in touch with other members at your leisure even if your schedules are irreconcilable. The neat thing is that anyone can take advantage of sites like these, and new sites have been created to fill these needs. Even scientists are getting in on the social networking action.


ResearchGATE is a scientist social networking site that allows scientists to share their research. You can create a personal profile as an introduction of sorts and then present your research. You can initiate discussions around it and enjoy input from members of the scientific community near and far.


SocialMD is a site that is geared toward the social side of science. You can network with other such medical professionals whether you are a student, a resident, or a physician. You can catch up on the latest medical news and read blogs written by other members of the site.


DoctorsHangout.com is a place where doctors, students, and residents can network. It can be used for professional connections or for more personal relationships. You can build these relationships based on common interests as specified in your profile.


BiomedExperts is a scientific social network based on literature. Members can collaborate on research projects through this site.


Ozmosis is a site that was made by doctors and is a place where physicians can go to learn from others who have firsthand experience in the field. It is one centralized location for reliable information. This is helpful because there are so many sources of medical information on the internet that you are not always sure where the information is coming from.


Sermo is a grouping of over 65,000 physicians who trade clinical insights, information, and seek to raise the level of patient care that they provide. The discussions of cases are ongoing and are constantly being evaluated by other members. It is becoming a significant source of feedback for practicing physicians who are looking for answers in real time.


Mendeley is a site that serves several functions. First, it is a social networking site for scientists. You can meet, discuss, and keep in contact with scientific peers through this site.

Second, Mendeley is a research tool. You can find peers who will be sources of information for your work or who can provide a sounding board for ideas. It is a scientific social network, but it is also a form of free desktop software that is simple to use.

These 7 excellent social networking sites for scientists are a sign of the times. Communication of both a professional and a personal nature is moving online and is being centered around personal interests. Sites such as these were all born in the name of science.

About The Author

Thomas Rheinecker is a freelance author and writes about medical career topics, such as how to choose an online ultrasound school, tips for job advancement, and more.

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