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Welcome to the forensic-entomology links section of the All About Forensic Science Website. For each related information resource featured below, a brief description will be given along with a direct link to the website in question.

American Board of Forensic-Entomology

The American Board of Forensic-Entomology, ABFE, is the certification body that assigns a Diplomate certificate to a scientist who already has achieved a high level of expertise in entomology or criminal sciences.

Click Here To Visit The American Board of Forensic-Entomology Website.


This website by Dr. J. H. Byrd was created in order to assist in the education of crime scene technicians, homicide investigators, coroners, medical examiners, and others involved in the death investigation process.

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Natural History Museum Website: Forensic-Entomology Page

Time of death is not always easy to determine at a crime scene. But insects found in and around the body can provide much-needed clues. If you visit this site make sure you Watch the great video featuring entomologist Martin Hall who lifts the lid on this fast growing aspect to forensic science.

Click Here To Explore Forensic-Entomology At The Natural History Museum

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