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Crime Scene Investigation Questions About Photography


I have a forensic homework assignment relating to crime scene photography. Does anybody know what is involved in this profession and what is involved in becoming a crime scene photographer?


The following links should provide you with all the information you need.

Crime Scene Photography Link 1

Crime Scene Photography Link 2

Crime Scene Investigation Questions About Processing


I am writing a thesis entitled "problems encountered by the PNP Scene Of Crime Operation on their Job Performance". My question is what are the problems in preservation of collected evidence at the crime scene, examination of collected evidence and submitted evidence from investigators, equipment and facilities used in the examination?


There are lots of problem encountering by the pnp soco, controling the crowd entering the crime, most of the crime scene are contaminated prior to their examination, evidentiary value of collected physical evidence are questionable due to lack of training in collecting trace evidence, to include handling, transporting, labeling and markings, preserving, and observing sop's...

Scene of the crime operation is guided with the Locard's principle where in every contact leaves a trace in vise versa, therefore contamination has no room in every examination....crime scene must well preserve...evidentiary value of all physical evidence collected must be uncontestable in a court of law....that is why when you see police line on a crime scene or it reads do not cross the line...

Please do not cross even you are the president of the Philippines without consulting the the soco team leader or the officer on case....but if you do that do not blame the pnp soco why the examination fails, why they did not do their the first place they did their job but because of somebody's arrogance, perhaps we both missed the truth.

Crime Scene Investigation Questions About Evidence


I am writing a crime novel and there are two questions I want to find answers to:

1. For how long can identifiable DNA or other forensic evidence be extracted from bones once they are immersed in water? For example if a victim is found in a fresh water lake.

2. If blood was deposited on a wooden built boat how long would that last to be able to extract enough information to match the bones in the water?


It is still possible to extract DNA from bones that have been in the water. The exact time I don't know but i m pretty sure it s probably more than one week.

If the blood is merged into the wood, and not exposed to water or sunlight so much, it is still possible to extract DNA from it. Probably even after more than a few weeks.

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