Crime Scene Investigation Links

Welcome to the crime scene investigation links section of the All About Forensic Science Website. For each crime scene investigation information resource featured below, a brief description will be given along with a direct website link.

Crime Scene Investigator Network

Comprehensive site offering a host of articles and resources relating to crime scene investigation.

Click Here To Visit The Crime Scene Investigator Network Homepage.

CSI Blog

The CSI blog forms part of the National Museum of Crime and Punishment website and is written and maintained by Olga Peterfalvy. Olga is currently earning her Master’s of Forensic Sciences with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigation from The George Washington University and she describes the CSI blog as follows:

"The CSI Blog is a vast reservoir of forensic resources that takes you behind the scenes of the real people involved in catching criminals and exonerating the innocent. Regularly updated content will include Fun Facts, Q&A, Forensics in The News, Student Resources, How-To-Videos & Podcasts, Games & Trivia, Museum Events, and much more! I’ll show you what Hollywood doesn’t want you to see, and I guarantee that what you’re getting is the real science, from the real people who use it."

Click Here To Read The Excellent CSI Blog.

International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA)

ICSIA Mission Statement

To encourage the exchange of information useful in crime scene related matters.

To improve on the level of expertise in the field by providing timely answers through membership participation.

To provide members with articles on crime scene related matters that will improve their skills.

To have a vehicle for the instant exchange of information, problems and solutions based on membership feedback.

To offer the membership reasonable training in crime scene processing by member instructors through on-line training or training in the field by qualified instructors.

To promote communication and cooperation between agencies, the forensic community and members.

To offer the undergraduate or graduate student access to crime scene field personnel to promote the education, training and communication skills of the student.

To encourage product research and development amongst the forensic community and vendors of crime scene equipment.

Click Here To Visit The International Crime Scene Investigators Association Website.

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