Forensic Science Technician


Forensic Science Technician

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Welcome to the forensic science technician page. This page is designed to help anybody looking for information and resources relating to this particular forensic science career.

Whether you are considering becoming a forensic-science-technician, are looking for appropriate forensic science classes or simply want to find out what a forensic science technician does, we hope you find the following material useful.

What Does A Forensic Science Technician Do?

According to the National Institute of Health Office of Science Education, a forensic-science-technician collects, identifies, classifies, and analyzes physical evidence relating to criminal investigations. A forensic-science-technician will perform tests on weapons or substances, e.g., fiber, hair, and tissue to determine their significance to an investigation.

Forensic technicians may also testify as an expert witnesses on evidence or crime laboratory techniques; as well as serving as specialists in area such as ballistics, fingerprinting, handwriting, or biochemistry.

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Recommended Reading

Every Contact Leaves a Trace: Crime Scene Experts Talk About Their Work from Discovery Through Verdict by Connie Fletcher

Book Description

Blood, fluid, fiber, hair, tissue prints every contact leaves a trace at a crime scene. Connie Fletcher presents, in the experts own words, what happens at the scene and in the crime lab, starting with discovery of the crime through criminal trial.

Evidence technicians, blood spatter experts, latent print specialists, trace analysts, forensic anthropologists, entomologists, DNA experts, firearms experts, trace analysts, homicide detectives, and prosecution and defense attorneys more than eighty experts take you into their world behind the yellow tape. This is the experts book their words, their knowledge, their stories. Real Crime Scene Investigation.

See following link for more details:

Every Contact Leaves a Trace: Crime Scene Experts Talk About Their Work from Discovery Through Verdict

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Brief job description.

Ohio University Forensic Chemistry Lab

Undergraduate students in a Forensic Chemistry Lab demonstrate how to develop fingerprints using a variety of methods: Cyanoacrylate (super glue), fuming, dusting, and iodine fuming.

Useful Resources

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