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Welcome to the forensic-science-technician links section of the All About Forensic Science Website. For each information resource featured below, a brief description will be given along with a direct link to the website in question.

National Institute of Health Office of Science Education

The Office of Science Education coordinates science education activities at the National Institutes of Health and develops and sponsors science education projects. These programs serve elementary, secondary, and college students and teachers and the public.

Their website has a comprehensive careers section which includes some very useful forensic-science technician information, which you can access by Clicking Here.

This information includes an interview with Angi M. Christensen a Forensic-Science Technician, Evidence Analyst and Evidence Technician, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory in Washington.

If you are seriously considering becoming a forensic science technician, we strongly recommend that you read the transcript of this very insightful interview. Topics discussed include:

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • A Typical Workday
  • you can read the interview transcript by Clicking Here.

    US Bureau of Labor Statistics

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has produced a detailed report on science technicians. Much of the information contained within the report pertains to forensic-science technicians and includes information relating to:

  • Nature of the Work
  • Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement
  • Employment
  • Job Outlook
  • Earnings
  • Related Occupations
  • Sources of Additional Information
  • If you'd like to read the report in full, you can do so by clicking on the following link.
    Click Here To read the report in full.

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