The Forensic Anthropologist in Focus

Dr. A. Midori Albert is Associate Professor of Physical Anthropology at University of North Carolina Wilmington.


  • PhD in anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • MA in anthropology, University of Florida
  • BS in psychology, University of Florida

  • Research & Applied Interests

  • Forensic Anthropology:
  • Human identification and the development of the biological profile: Specific research interests in teenage and young adult skeletal age estimation methods, age-related craniofacial morphologic changes in adults, and decomposition rates and patterns.

  • Human Osteology:
  • Bone growth and maturation as affected by environmental stress, developmental asymmetry and its relationship to environmental stress.

  • Forensic Anthropological Consultations and Instruction:
  • Search and recovery of human remains, time since death estimations, osteological analyses to establish the biological profile (age, sex, stature, individualizing traits) of unknown skeletons or corroborate identification, and pathology (trauma and disease) assessment from human skeletal remains.

    Further Information

  • Dr Albert's website
  • This extremely informative resource has been selected for an Award of Excellence, as one of the best educational resources on the Web.

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