Forensic Toxicology Links

Welcome to the forensic toxicology links section of the All About Forensic Science Website. For each forensic toxicology related information resource featured below, a brief description will be given along with a direct link to the website in question.

Forensic Toxicology: The science of Detecting Poisons

Dr Katherine Ramsland presents the history of this science and the major cases it solved.

Click Here To Visit The Crime Library Forensic Toxicology Page.

The website of Professor Nikolas P Lemos

Professor Lemos is an internationally educated forensic toxicologist with expertise in areas of postmortem toxicology as well as human performance toxicology (e.g. driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, drug facilitated sexual assaults, etc.)

His website provides a very interesting insight into the working life of a forensic toxicologist. The site includes media links relating to high profile cases Professor Lemos has been involved in.

Click Here To Visit The Website of Professor Lemos.

Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Guidelines

Produced by the Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc, in conjunction with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Toxicology Section.

Click Here To Access The Laboratory Guidelines

Infamous Historical Poisoners

Created for the BBC hosted encyclopedic project where entries are written and edited by people from all over the world.

Click Here To Read About Infamous Historical Poisoners.

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