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The forensic science links found on this page are general rather than subject specific. Specific topic links can be found within their respective page on the website.

General Forensic Links

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences

For sixty years, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) has served a distinguished and diverse membership. Its nearly 6,000 members are divided into eleven sections spanning the forensic enterprise. Included among the Academy's members are physicians, attorneys, dentists, toxicologists, physical anthropologists, document examiners, psychiatrists, physicists, engineers, criminalists, educators, digital evidence experts, and others.

Representing all 50 United States, Canada, and 60 other countries worldwide, they actively practice forensic science and, in many cases, teach and conduct research in the field as well. Each section provides opportunities for professional development, personal contacts, awards, and recognition. Many sections publish periodic newsletters and mailings which keep their members abreast of activities and developments in their field.

Click Here To Visit The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Website.

American Institute of Forensic Education:

The American Institute of Forensic Education offers a unique selection of professional development programs delivered by internationally recognized practitioners and researchers. All the forensic courses on offer are undertaken via distance learning, the content of which has been carefully researched and peer-reviewed. During the courses, forensic educators participate in discussion groups, moderate team activities and facilitate exploration and examination of contemporary trends and issues.

Each course provides a comprehensive e-learning experience drawing upon the latest cutting edge forensic information and interactive technology; the primary aim of which is to enable participants to launch or advance their career in law enforcement, private security, corrections, homeland security, digital forensics, crime scene investigation, forensic photography, criminal justice, forensic nursing and forensic medicine.

For more information on The American Institute of Forensic Education and all the forensic courses available, you can visit their website by Clicking Here

American Psychological Association:

Use this link to access a range of research projects which demonstrate the application and value of psychological science within a legal context.

Click Here To Visit The Site

American Psychology-Law Society.

The American Psychology-Law Society is a division of the American Psychological Association and is comprised of individuals interested in psychology and law issues. Student memberships are encouraged. Among many other things, the website provides details of conferences, job listings and the very useful society newsletter.

Click Here To Visit The The American Psychology-Law Society Website.

Cognitive Daily:

This excellent science blog reports on fascinating peer-reviewed developments in cognition from the most respected scientists in the field. The blog is maintained by Dave Munger and Margaret P. Munger who note that the research they feature isn't dumbed down, but it's explained in language that everyone can understand, with clear illustrations and references to the original research.

This is a must bookmark resource for anybody interested in the application of cognitive psychology within a legal context as the site regularly features research that has implications within the criminal justice system.

Click Here To Visit This Great Resource

Crimes and Clues:

Detailed website edited by Daryl W. Clemens. Provides lots of extremely useful material in relation to the art and science of criminal investigation.

Click Here To Visit The Site


Excellent site offering a host of articles and resources relating to crime scene investigation.

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CSI Blog:

Part of the National Museum of Crime and Punishment website, the excellent CSI blog is written and maintained by Olga Peterfalvy. Olga is currently earning her Master’s of Forensic Sciences with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigation from The George Washington University and describes the CSI blog as follows:

"The CSI Blog is a vast reservoir of forensic resources that takes you behind the scenes of the real people involved in catching criminals and exonerating the innocent. Regularly updated content will include Fun Facts, Q&A, Forensics in The News, Student Resources, How-To-Videos & Podcasts, Games & Trivia, Museum Events, and much more! I’ll show you what Hollywood doesn’t want you to see, and I guarantee that what you’re getting is the real science, from the real people who use it."

You can access the CSI Blog online by clicking on the following link. CSI blog.

Also, don't forget to check out the main website. The National Museum of Crime & Punishment.

Deviant Crimes:

A fascinating and detailed site dedicated to the study of psychological and investigative processes involved with deviant crimes.

Click Here To Visit The Site

Explore Forensics:

Explore forensics is a comprehensive public interest website containing over 70 expert articles organised within a series of forensic categories, namely:

  • Analysing Evidence
  • Analysing The Body
  • Collecting Evidence
  • Pathology
  • Types of Forensics
  • Understanding Evidence
  • Understanding Injuries
  • Make sure you bookmark the Explore Forensics website for future reference as they add around 10 new articles each month, and don't forget to sign up for the monthly Explore forensics newsletter.

    You can visit the Explore Forensics website by Clicking Here.

    Forensic Nursing Career Information:

    Anybody interested in becoming a forensic nurse or anybody wanting to find out more about what forensic nurses do should take a look at Adam Sanford's Nursing School Degrees website. It is one of the most comprehensive resources for Forensic nursing programs and career information available online. Among the information included:

  • Forensic Nursing Career Overview
  • Forensic Nursing Job Description
  • Forensic Nurse Education and Trainng
  • Forensic Nursing Salary and Job Outlook
  • Click Here To Visit The Site

    Forensic Profiles:

    Lots of very useful information available from this comprehensive website which covers all the major forensic science disciplines.

    Click Here To Visit The Website

    Forensic Solutions, LLC:

    Forensic Solutions was founded by case-working professionals that have published industry standard texts and research in their respective fields. Specializing in criminal profiling, forensic science, crime reconstruction, and expert testimony, this cutting edge site is highly recommended.

    Click Here To Visit The Site


    GoLawEnforcment.com is a comprehensive career website containg information on such topics as:

  • Law Enforcement Job Openings
  • Recruiting Events
  • Internship Programs
  • How to Plan Law Enforcement Job Searches
  • Law Enforcement Associations
  • Click Here to visit GoLawEnforcment.com.

    Oxford University Press: Online Resource Centre:

    Very useful collection of psychology and law, criminology and forensic links.

    Click Here To Visit The Site


    Your source for law enforcement jobs.

    Click Here To Visit The Site

    Psychology and Crime News:

    One of the most professional and comprehensive blogs I have seen. The purpose of this blog is to collate information of interest in a forensic psychological context. Will be particularly useful for anybody looking for information relating to forensic theory and practice in the UK.

    Click Here To Visit The Site


    Suite101 is described as an open door to the curious novice looking for a "101" introduction to any of their 400 published topics. There is an excellent forensic science section on the website put together by feature writer Karen Lotter. The latest titles among the many engaging forensic science related articles written by Karen include.

  • What is Forensic Ballistics?
  • Disputed Bite Mark Evidence
  • The Capture of Ted Bundy
  • Click Here To Visit The Site

    Virginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine:

    The Virginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine was founded in 1999 as a private non-profit educational organization. Its purpose is to strengthen and improve the administration of justice by educating and training forensic scientists, forensic pathologists, law enforcement, legal and medical professionals. It has won recognition as an innovator and leader in forensic education, training and information.

    Click Here to check out the excellent forensic fellowship programs and seminars available.

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