Forensic Odontology Links

Welcome to the forensic-odontology links section of the All About Forensic Science Website. For each information resource featured below, a brief description will be given along with a direct link to the website in question.

Forensic Dentistry Online:

Your trusted source for odontology resources and online courses for forensic practitioners

Click Here To Visit Forensic Dentistry Online.

The British Association for Forensic-Odontology:

On this site, you will find a guide to forensic-odontology, some useful forensic resources, a list of recommended forensic-odontology courses, textbooks and extensive links for those in, or interested in forensic-odontology (forensic dentistry).

Click Here To Go To The British Association for Forensic-Odontology Website.

Bureau Of Legal Dentistry:

BOLD is a forensic-odontology laboratory at the University of British Columbia. It is the first and only laboratory in North America that is dedicated to full-time forensic dentistry research, casework and graduate teaching. It is the place where laboratory discoveries and modern forensic methods are applied to dental evidence to assist in the resolution of legal issues.

BOLD is a centre of excellence that aims to act as a resource for odontologists and other forensic scientists who deal with teeth, bones, saliva, DNA and dental records. Experts here can provide assistance with:

  • Investigation
  • Identification
  • Analysis
  • Testimony
  • Click Here To Visit The Bureau Of Legal Dentistry.

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