The Forensic Linguistics Expert in Focus

Dr. Carole E. Chaski has conducted validation testing for language-based methods of handling linguistic evidence since 1994. She continued this work, and general approach to forensic linguistics, at the National Institute of Justice, where Dr. Chaski held the first Visiting Research Fellowship in the Office of Science and Technology, Investigative and Forensic Sciences Division.


  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, Brown University, Providence
  • AM in Linguistics. Brown University, Providence
  • M.Ed. in Reading, University of Delaware, Newark
  • Forensic Case Work

    Dr. Chaski provides assistance in cases involving:

  • Ransom notes in kidnapping cases
  • Threatening letters
  • Anonymous letters
  • Suicide notes
  • Patent disputes
  • Interrogation/interview statements
  • Missing person
  • Employment disputes
  • Examination fraud
  • Plagiarism
  • Further Information

    Dr Chaski is director of the Institute for Linguistic Evidence.

    The Institute for Linguistic Evidence validates reliable document authentication techniques, identifies and rebuts junk science techniques, and provides assistance to investigators and attorneys in criminal and civil trials whenever the authorship of any document - a suicide note, threatening letter, patent brief, licensing examination essay, anonymous letter, ransom note, electronic message - is questioned or suspicious.

    Dr Chaski and her fellow (ILE) associates are the only forensic linguists in the United States to have won government funding for their forensic-linguistic research.

    Click Here To Visit The Institute for Linguistic Evidence Website.

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