The Forensic Linguistics Degree Directory

Welcome to the forensic linguistics Degree Directory. For each University or college featured below, details of the forensic linguistics related degree or training program on offer will be provided, along a direct link to the course homepage.

Aston University, Birmingham (UK)

MSc in Forensic Linguistics:

The MSc in Forensic Linguistics is a flexible programme to suit academic linguists and forensic professionals. It can be studied wholly as a distance learning course from anywhere in the world or in part by attendance at short and week-long courses held at Aston University's campus in the city centre of Birmingham.

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Cardiff University, Cardiff (UK)

MA/Diploma/Certificate in Forensic Linguistics:

The full-time MA/Diploma/Certificate in Forensic Linguistics is an innovative and exciting programme which provides a unique opportunity to focus on the study of language in the legal and judicial process at Masters level. The course is delivered by a team of highly qualified and experienced forensic linguists.

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Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, (USA)

Forensic Linguistics Applications:

This intensive two week forensic linguistics course can either be taken for 3 graduate credits, or as a non-credit course with a certificate of completion. This course is co-taught by Robert A. Leonard, Director of the Forensic Linguistics Project, and James R. Fitzgerald, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent.

The course presents a case-based approach to solving legal and law enforcement problems through linguistic analysis, focusing on three major applications of Forensic Linguistics:

1. Demographic Linguistic Profiles 2. Authorship Analysis 3. Threat Level Analysis

The course also introduces sociolinguistic variation as a crucial theoretical component of analysis and elucidates, through lecture, case study, and workshop, forensic linguistic responses to terror, threat assessment and criminal communications.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to assess which cases are appropriate for forensic linguistic analysis, explain the tools linguistics can bring to an investigation, and have learned through the workshops the principles of applying these tools to data from actual cases.

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Institute for Linguistic Evidence (USA)

Biometric Linguistic Technician Certification Program:

This unique and currently free training program provides forensic scientists, law enforcement personnel, document examiners and forensic technicians the opportunity to use the Automated Linguistic Identification and Assessment System modules directly, by accessing The Institute for Linguistic Evidence laboratory system online. Modules include:

Modules for forensic linguistic evidence:

  • ThreatAssess: Is this letter a real threat letter or not?
  • Snare: Is this document an authentic suicide note or not?
  • Gigi: With which gender is this document most consistent?
  • Agnes: With which age group is this document most consistent?
  • InterTexter: How similar are these two documents?
  • Wiser: Are these compared witness statements independent or not?

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