Forensic Art Links

Welcome to the forensic-art links section of the All About Forensic Science Website. For each forensic-art related information resource featured below, a brief description will be given along with a direct link to the website in question.

Billingham Forensic Images

Excellent website hosted by forensic artist Jane. A. Billingham. Contains lots of very useful information on composite drawings, 2-D and 3-D facial reconstruction, age progression, facial anatomy etc.

Click Here To Visit The Website

Ask A Forensic-Artist

Ask A Forensic-Artist is an excellent online resource owned and run by Lisa Bailey. In describing the site, Lisa notes: "This site is not about any one person or artist, it’s about the field of forensic-art. I want to see this as a place to exchange ideas, talk about current events relating to forensic-art, share new tips or tricks that we’ve learned along the way."

Click Here To Visit Ask A Forensic-Artist

Neville's Forensic-Art World

Comprehensive website dedicated to all aspects of forensic art.

Click Here To Visit Neville's Forensic-Art World

International Association for Identification

Very useful information and links relating to the forensic-artist certification process.

Click Here For Full Details.

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