Forensic Anthropology Online

The aim of the Forensic Anthropology Online page is to showcase the best forensic anthropology related video and audio broadcasts that can be accessed for free online.

What Role Do Anthropologists Play in Solving Crime?

Physical Anthropologist Michael Billinger discusses the process of creating biological profiles by examining skeletal remains.

Dr. Alexis Gray

Highlights of a talk on forensic anthropology given by Dr. Alexis Gray.

Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Anthropology

University of Maryland professors, Marilyn London, professor of anthropology, Tom Mauriello, professor of criminology and criminal justice, and Andrew Wolvin, professor of communication discuss the lives, research, and education of criminal investigators and forensic anthropologists to show how science is being used to solve crimes.

The video begins by looking at crime scene evidence and criminalistics. If you want to skip straight to the forensic anthropology section it begins at around the 16 minute 30 seconds mark.

Forensic Anthropology: Unearthing The Truth

Dr Clyde Snow is widely considered to be the father of forensic anthropology. He has had a long career examining graves around the world and testifying against the likes of Saddam Hussein and the American serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

Dr Snow spoke to the BBC's Dan Collyns and you can listen to this short but fascinating interview by Clicking Here.

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