Forensic Accounting Degree Directory

Welcome to the forensic accounting degree directory. The aim of this page is to help anybody thinking about becoming a certified forensic-accountant obtain information relating to forensic-accounting degree programs and study options.

The programs listed below include details of the type of degree on offer, along with a direct link to the department offering the course in question.

Many students interested in forensic accounting have a degree in accounting or a related fields such as criminology, sociology, psychology, law, computer science, or business. Basic accounting and auditing knowledge are often a prerequisite for the study of forensic accounting.

Carlow University, Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Accounting:

Carlow is one of the few universities nationwide that offers an undergraduate forensic accounting degree. All forensic accounting majors also earn a minor in accounting. In addition, this forensic accounting degree qualifies you to sit for the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) exam and the Certified Forensic Accountant (Cr.FA) exam. These credentials are recognized globally and are regarded as an indicator of excellence in the accounting and antifraud profession.

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Florida Atlantic University

Masters in Forensic Accounting:

Offered under the FAU College of Business, School of Accounting, The Executive Master in Forensic Accounting Program is a 2-year forensic accounting degree program leading to a Master of Accounting with a concentration in Forensic Accounting. The program is tailored to busy professionals who want to study the advanced aspects of forensic accounting under a blue-ribbon faculty and curricula.

The program is offered in such a way that busy professionals can complete the entire program through web-based distance learning without ever once visiting the campus. On the other hand, virtually all courses are offered with optional on-campus lectures, so students desiring the traditional campus experience can attend the lectures as often or as little as desired.

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Franklin University, Ohio

B.S in Forensic Accounting:

In response to recent corporate accounting scandals, U.S. legislation has increased accounting and regulatory requirements for accountants and business executives. The Forensic Accounting degree at Franklin University gives you the tools you need to become a skilled specialist in forensic accounting and the related litigation advisory services, teaching you how to reduce the incidence of white collar crimes.

This major allows you to develop a foundation of knowledge for professional certifications, including the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and the CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

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University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

MBA Forensic Accounting Concentration:

The Forensic Accounting concentration is designed to acquaint students with current theory and practice in economic crimes, fraud investigations, and approaches to deter fraudulent activity. The concentration includes exposure to fraud prevention and detection approaches, forensic investigations, and information and communications security.

It also addresses legal concepts of criminal fraud and corporate criminal liability, and emphasizes the importance of establishing sound policies and implementing effective procedures and controls in creating an effective and ethical corporate environment. Social responsibility and corporate reporting are at the foundation of this area of concentration.

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