Crime Scene Intelligence: An Experiment in Forensic Entomology

Crime Scene Intelligence: An Experiment in Forensic Entomology by Albert M. Cruz proved to be cutting edge and groundbreaking science in the forensic community. His thorough research and original analysis included a newly found forensic/intelligence analytical tool which could help bring justice, fight the war on terrorism, and find “ground truth” in cases which involve domestic and international terrorism, war crimes, torture, drug trafficking, and chemical explosive identification by utilizing the common carrion fly. In addition, the project may be effective in counter-denial and deception operations which are known to be highly relevant and valuable to the Intelligence Community (IC) in cases of deceptive mass grave movement and genocide.

More importantly, this unique forensic experimental project revealed that explosive compounds such as TNT could be detected biologically—in this case by blowfly larvae which have fed on body tissue exposed to explosive residues—when toxicological analysis was no longer procurable. The results of the unique E2 forensic experiment provided empirical evidence that forensic entomology is unbiased and has a high degree of applicability to the IC. The science here is very helpful and when applied strategically to international war crime cases can provide myriad answers and help bring the guilty to justice in any war crime tribunal court system. Such information gained would also enable analysts to identify a specific batch of explosive, compare it to a known source of TNT, and relate it to a terrorist crime or cell.

This original study is remarkable. LT Cruz has provided a new model of explosive fingerprinting by utilizing the common insect. He has provided an outstanding “step by step” product for the intelligence and forensic communities. It is clear he has stepped “out of the box” and paved the way for future forensic intelligence experts by providing a valuable future tool which can offer answers to help fill valuable intelligence gaps in fighting the war on terrorism and crimes against humanity.

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