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Welcome to the computer-forensics degree directory here on the All About Forensic Science website. Below you will find a selection of schools, colleges and Universtites that offer computer forensics degree programs, computer forensics certification and computer forensics training.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Computer Forensics

The increased use of computers to commit crimes and the growing demand for computer-based data in civil proceedings has created a need for individuals with the expertise to extract useful information from computer evidence. This Computer Forensics Degree prepares students for careers as computer forensics specialists who can work with law enforcement, homeland security agencies, law firms, and private companies.

Bloomsburg University graduates enjoy exceptional placement in a wide range of professional fields. Among career paths available are software development, numerical analysts, systems analysts, database administration, scientific programming, software engineering, computer engineering, instructional technology management, computer systems administration, electrical engineering, customer support services, human interface design, electronic game development, computer animation, virtual reality design, CAD-CAM development and computer science teacher.

The academic program prepares students for either immediate employment or admission to major graduate programs.

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California State University, Fullerton

Certificate in Computer Forensics 1

Get the training you need to start a career in an exciting and challenging field. The Certificate in Computer Forensics I provides a great opportunity to develop the skills and expertise you need to succeed.

Would you like to join an elite group of experts on the front lines of fighting cybercrime? With the evolution of technology and significant increases in computer-based crimes, the field of computer forensics is one of the fastest growing disciplines in computer security. As crimes become more technologically sophisticated, the need for computer forensic experts will continue to grow throughout law enforcement and the business community.

In the Computer Forensics Certificate I, you will get hands-on experience using EnCase, the industry standard in computer forensic investigation technology, and Forensic Toolkit (FTK), a suite of technologies used to perform forensic examinations of computer systems. You will also learn how to image different devices.

The program includes five computer forensic classes totaling 92 hours of lecture and hands-on experience. The certificate graduate will receive 9.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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Certificate in Computer Forensics 2

The field of computer forensics has grown extensively and professionals need to keep up to date in current trends in computer investigations. This certificate is designed to meet the needs of individuals who possess an understanding of computer forensics and who desire detailed discussions on specific computer forensic topics. Each class in this program will explore in-depth a specific topic and enhance an individual's knowledge in that particular area. Upon completion of this certificate participants will be prepared to conduct a comprehensive computer forensic investigation and be prepared to effectively present evidence in reports.

The Certificate in Computer Forensics II consists of three courses totaling 24 hours of lecture and hands-on experience. The certificate graduate will receive 2.4 Continuing Education Units.

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Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont

Computer & Digital Forensics Major

Nearly every crime can leave a trail of digital evidence. Computers and cell phones play a key role in the commission of crimes such as financial fraud and identity theft. They also serve as record-keepers of conversations, files and transactions. Computer forensic analysts work for a variety of organizations in pursuit of that digital evidence.

Because computer and network security incidents are increasing, Computer & Digital Forensics majors are in particularly high demand. A Champlain College Computer & Digital Forensics degree will prepare for you the world of computer- and network-based crime investigation.

As a Computer & Digital Forensics student, you'll learn about the law, the digital investigative process, and computer and network technology. With this computer forensics degree you will learn to articulate the dynamics of white-collar crime and to apply your knowledge of computers, software and the law to research crimes

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Missouri Southern State University, Joplin

B. S. in Computer Information Science & Criminal Justice Administration, Computer Forensics option

Computer forensics involves techniques for securing computer networks as a precaution against criminal threat. It also includes the identification, extraction, preservation and documentation of computer evidence for the purpose of identifying and prosecuting perpetrators of computer based crime.

The Computer Forensics degree option at Missouri Southern State University results in a double major in Computer Information Science (CIS) and Criminal Justice Administration.

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Tompkins Courtland Community College, Dryden, New York

Computer Forensics A.A.S. Degree

More and more crimes are committed with the aid of computers. Whether they are used in the commission of the crime, as in E-mail harassment or stalking, or used for keeping records of illegal activities such as gambling and embezzlement, the computer must be seized and analyzed.

This computer forensics degree will help you learn how to provide a secure computer environment and learn techniques for collecting and analyzing computer-related evidence. You will be prepared for an entry-level position in a computer forensics lab, a member of a corporate security team that monitors and investigates suspicious activity, or to enter the law enforcement field.

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